Since January 2021 I am Statistics PGT co-director at the University of Glasgow.


Example teaching resources

Probability slides

Probability notes


PhD students

  • Kannat Na Bangchang - High-dimensional Bayesian Variable Selection with applications to Genome-wide Association Studies (with Mayetri Gupta)

  • Stephen jun Villejo - Bayesian Spatio-Temporal models for Spatially Misaligned Data (with Janine Illian)

  • Megan Laxton - Bayesian multi-scale animal movement modelling (with Janine Illian, Jason Matthiopoulos and Dan Haydon)

  • Chenglei Hu - Bayesian inference for multivariate extremes (with Daniela Castro Camilo)


  • I am a member of the MSc project supervision panel, jointly responsible for supervising c.90 MSc projects in 2019/20

  • Adam Shek - Hierarchical modelling of global Covid-19 spread.


  • Animal behaviour and movement modelling using hidden Markov models with hierarchical structures
  • Model-based tight clustering for large datasets
  • Bayesian computational inference for zero-inflated continuous data x2


  • Wen Xiang - multivariate analysis of Global Covid-19 trends.
  • Iain Bell - visualisation of complex spatio-temproal models of public health
  • Heather Addison - approximate Bayesian inference in spatial epidemiology
  • Rory McMurray - statistical approximations of compartmental models in epidemiology